Denton Warnock

Full Stack Web Developer

Portfolio is a React web app that connects mobile car detailers to anyone wanting a convenient and affordable car wash. Collaborated with a 7 member team to design, build, test and deploy a full stack web and iOS app. I refactored the front end to allow new users to easily schedule a car wash, and for washers to quickly find and accept nearby jobs. React | Redux | Node | Express | PostgreSQL | AWS | Mapbox | Stripe | Jest

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Website for farmers to sell their produce directly to local customers. Team project where I was a lead developer responsible for the initial data flow and state management planning, creating React components, and connecting everything to the backend. Built with React hooks, Context API, and Styled Components.

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Game of Life

The "Game of Life" is a 0 player 2d game of living cellular automata visually rendered with Vanilla JavaScript and CSS. Utilized double buffering technique to apply the rules of the game to each cell and create a seamless visual display. Added many features to dynamically modify the size, speed, color, and cells on the game board. JavaScript | CSS | HTML

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Fully responsive and accessible custom user interface created with HTML5, and CSS/LESS. CSS Flexbox, Grid and media queries were used throughout the design to give the site a dynamic feel.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Denton Warnock a full stack web developer from Sacramento California. I have spent the last 2 years learning to code on and build production level web applications at Lambda School. I'm constantly amazed by how much I've learned and how much I enjoy the process of learning. I love solving new challenges, fixing bugs and seeing my ideas come to life on screen.


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